Amsterdam 2018 – Highlights


At B3i’s latest Community Conference, we invited speakers from across the industry to share their technical and expert experience with our community.


See all the talks, presentations and interviews here from B3i’s inaugural Community Conference.

Community Conferences


As part of the B3i Community,  B3i hosts conferences designed to bring together Blockchain and Insurance experts, the B3i Community Conference is packed full of great speakers from across the industry, and an opportunity to dive into the detail with our series of Masterclasses.


Usually, we host an event spread across two days, where you’ll get the chance to learn from experts, get hands on and experiment, whilst collaborating with a network of your peers.


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Industry Speakers


B3i welcomes a raft of high quality industry speakers, a diverse group of industry insiders and technical experts. Attendees are introduced and encouraged to explore a variety of topics amongst a network of industry peers.



B3i is proud to always be hands on, and that extends to our interaction with the industry.


Our masterclasses at the Community Conference will give you unrivalled access to our subject matter experts and propel you into the world of Blockchain and Insurance from day one.


Over the two days of the conference, B3i will be holding 3 masterclasses – each focussed on specific topics and run by experts.


This is your opportunity to experiment with the technology, thought leaders and ask your burning questions.


B3i are excited to deliver to you, the market, this unique opportunity as we continue to ensure you can learn, experiment, and collaborate with us.

See the latest content and talks from the Amsterdam 2018
B3i Community Conference. 

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